Memorial Services

Arrange a memorial service for a family member or a friend on The Noosa Ferry. A memorial serves as a tribute to life and provides a focal point for remembrance. You may wish to scatter your loved one’s ashes, arrange floating floral tributes or release a dove. The Noosa ferry can put you in touch with a range of services to help personalise this special occasion.

Your funeral consultant has a variety of urn / vase options available for you to select from. On the boat there is a microphone available for speeches, a sound system for your choice of music and a toilet. The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 75 guests for onboard functions or 100 persons for a transfer from one location to another. There is seating for 50 persons undercover. A beach landing can be made if required.

For more information visit us online or call 5449 8442 to discuss your needs for this very special day.