The purpose of this webpage is to outline what policies & procedures are being implemented by the Noosa Ferry & Cruise Company to operate a COVID safe business. Please note that the below information is only an outline of the plan.

Noosa Ferry follows the guidelines for Tourism Experiences within our Industry Plan.

The business of the Noosa Ferry is the carriage of passengers on our vessels and selling of tickets in the sales office located at the Noosa Marina. Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan focuses on the best practice operations for our vessels and sales office.


Following the ‘Guidance for Industry COVID Safe Plan’ document, our COVID Safe Plan includes the following categories:


Social Distancing

The three vessels within our fleet are identical in length and width but have different seating arrangements. The top deck of all vessels is open-air and in direct sunlight. The lower deck of all vessels have clears at the rear of the vessel which will be raised at all times. The midship area of all vessels is completely open as well with the only area on the vessel having windows is the forward lower deck area.
To comply with current social distancing parameters of 1.5m between guests across the two separate areas of the vessel, our skippers are closely monitoring the numbers of guests in each area of the vessel at any one time.

To assist with managing this process, on the back of all available seats we have installed a dark blue coloured circular sticker of 100mm dimensions, positioned at 1.5m intervals.  The purpose of this sticker is to both the skipper and guests being able to clearly calculate the 1.5m distance between themselves and other guests.

There is also No Seat stickers installed in high movement areas to advise where guests cannot seat and they need to be kept clear.  We have also removed seating for four passengers on the lower deck of each vessel which will provide more space for guests to move past each other and less opportunity for social distancing to not be adhered to.


Public Health Record Keeping

We offer three different cruise products which is managed through an online booking system called FareHarbor. These products being the Ferry Cruise, Sunset Cruises and Private Charters.

Within the FareHarbor system, we can record every guest name for the Sunset Cruise and Private Charter products. It will be standard procedure to request and record every guest’s name when recommencing operations on the 13th June for these products. A manifest will be printed for these products and given top the skipper to record the board of every guest.

It is not practically possible to record the names of every passenger participating in the Ferry Cruise product as pre-booking of a particular service is not possible. There are 8 services per day and passengers can hop on, hop off many different services all day. We will however have signage on the vessel encouraging guests to have downloaded the COVID Safe App.


Practising Good Hygiene

On-Boarding – We have installed at entrances to our vessels a sanitiser dispenser and be asking every single guest as a condition of entry to use this sanitiser prior to boarding our vessels.  We will have signage at the boarding area advising it is a condition of entry and should they choose to not comply they may be refused to board by the skipper. Skippers will be encouraged to communicate positively regarding this matter.


During Ferry Service – at the end of each service skippers will be instructed to wipe down all frequently used services with a cloth and disinfect product called Vira San which is a hospital-grade disinfectant.  These services to include:

  • Top deck stainless railings
  • Railings on the stairs leading to the top deck
  • Railings at the vessel entrance
  • Boarding cleats at the entrance.


End of day – there will be an end of day cleaning checklist to be completed by either the skipper or the internally employed skipper as follows:

  • Lower deck:
    • Wipe all frequently touched surfaces with Vira San
    • Wipe seatbacks, walls and entrance areas of the vessel.
    • Clean toilet and basin thoroughly.
    • Hose floors and followed by mopping using Vira San in water.
  • Upper deck:
    • Wipe all frequently touched surfaces with Vira San
    • Wipe seatbacks
    • Wipe railings on front stairs and timber work at front of the vessel.
    • Hope upper deck followed by mopping using Vira San in water.


Other Initiatives

Other procedures we are implementing to reduce the risk for both staff and guests are as follows

– Skippers will remind passengers to sit 1.5 metres apart as part of their vessel safety brief.

– Once guests are on board, we will ask them where possible to remain seated at all times and pending the number of other passengers on board, not move around the vessel un-necessarily.

– We have increased the overall number of Ferry Cruise services to increase the number of options for guests to travel & reduce the risk for larger groups on board.

– Contactless payment and avoid touching a passenger’s payment card.

– On both entrance areas on each vessel we will install the Stay COVID Free do the Three Federal Government sign

– Our booking system has a drop-down advising guests our COVID safe practices at the time of booking

– We have reprinted our brochure to include content regarding our COVID safe practices.


More Information

If you require more information or detail regarding what Noosa Ferry & Cruise Company is doing to ensure the health and safety of its passengers and staff, please email us: